Kelford Boilers

We are able to meet the needs of your business from boiler surveys and three-monthly OSH tests, to valve servicing and installations of new or second-hand boilers, to the refurbishment of old boilers, to designing and building to specific project requirements.

Because of the breadth of our knowledge and experience, we also have a large range of spare parts including:

Ceramic ropes

Non-asbestos gaskets

Gauge glasses

Gauge glass spindles​

Mobrey parts & kits

New & reconditioned valving

Studs for valving (metric and imperial)

If you need something specific, just ask us as we will sort a solution for you.​

Our Boiler Services

Boiler Maintenance
Prevention is better than a cure!

Talk to us about maintenance!
Don't wait till you have an Emergency!

We know that it is vital that your boiler keeps right on working. This is why we have scheduled maintenance to minimise the chances of things going wrong. We will be happy to discuss your on-going maintenance needs with you.

Repairs & Maintenance:

Full range of tube expanders

Pressure vessel repairs


Certified welding

Boiler tune ups:


Flue gas analyser

Parks and service:

Supply of all spares and valving


Pipe work

Specialised parts and designed and built.

Boiler installations:




Fuel handling

Boiler hire:

Hire boilers—steam and hot water

Boiler inspections:

Flue gas analyser

Three monthly checks

Valve servicing and certifying

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