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Parts & Service

We will keeping your boilers reliable and efficient at all times

Emergency Boiler Service

We have a solution for your specific situation with boilers in a variety of sizes, capacities, and pressures.

Your boiler to be in the best working condition to maintain your operations. We offer emergency services so you can be up and running again as fast as possible. Most faults can be fixed in your business and we carry as much equipment as we can so the solution is fast.

Parts & Service

Supply of all spares and valving, installation, pipe work. We also offer Kelford Engineering specialised parts designed and built by us.


We can provide turnkey installation… start-up services, turnkey, containerised, chimneys, fuel handling, operator training, and support.


We are well-versed in handling all types of boiler repairs. We have a full range of repair products including tube expanders. We can provide pressure vessel repairs, retubes and certified welding.

Tune Ups

It is always good to schedule a tune-up before Winter in New Zealand, to make sure your boiler as running at peak efficiency. From troubleshooting to flue gas analyser.

Maintenance & Inspections

Prevention is better than a cure!

We offer inspections or scheduled maintenance options to minimise the chances of things going wrong.

Regular maintenance will allow you to identifying potential problems, extending the lifespan of your system, reducing bills, and avoiding downtime. You wouldn’t drive your car without a tune-up, so why should your boiler system run without being inspected? We’re here to remove the hassle.

This includes flue gas analyser, three monthly checks, valve servicing and certifying.

We will be happy to discuss your on-going maintenance needs with you.

Boiler Maintenance and Inspections
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Boiler Hire

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Boiler Purchase

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Boiler Parts/Service

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